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A prototype of someone holding a phone with the procare app on it. The page that is showing is the detailpage of a inhabitant


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For my last UX Research assignment, I collaborated with two classmates to develop a tool aimed at enhancing the meal process for residents at the residential care center, Heilig Hart. This assignment was initiated by Design Regio Kortrijk, involving research students of the third year to contribute their expertise. Each group was assigned a different target audience, and ours was the caretakers.

The key challenge we identified for the caretakers was the significant amount of time, approximately 30%, they spent on managing and inputting meal data for the residents. It was evident that an intervention was needed. In response, we set out to tackle this issue by devising an efficient tool that would streamline this process. The result was an app we named "ProCare," designed to centralize meal information for all residents, including their allergens and meal preferences.

Our project received an overwhelmingly positive response, allowing us to showcase it at the Wonder Festival through a presentation. Remarkably, our work even caught the attention of our king, Philippe, further highlighting the impact and recognition of our efforts. Subsequently, it was successfully implemented at the residential care center and has continued to be in use to this day.
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A prototype of 3 phones showing different screens of the Procare app
A prototype of a newspaper which shows the article that was posted online about the project
An image of me and my teammates working on the projectAn image of me with my teammate giving a presentation at Wonder Festival