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#Product Design


I created a brand and designed the application for a cocktail subscription service. Inspired by the feeling of drinking a cocktail in a refreshing summer breeze, I crafted a brand with a fresh and vibrant vibe.

For this assignment I received wireframes for the application. The application's design reflected a clean and user-friendly interface, infused with a fun atmosphere. By carefully selecting branding elements such as the logo, color palette, and typography, I created a visually engaging identity.

The application focused on providing an intuitive experience, allowing users to easily explore and save recipes, but also track their boxes. With a balance between usability and fun, the design aimed to simplify the process of discovering and ordering boxes. Through a strategic combination of fresh branding and a clean, lively application design, I transformed the cocktail subscription service into an immersive and delightful experience.
A prototype of a signage with the Mixbox logo on topA prototype of a cocktail on a napking in the Mixbox branding
A graphic which shows 3 pages of the Mixbox app