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Safe 'n Sound

#Digital Design
#Passion Project


Safe 'n Sound's mission is to raise awareness about party culture, safe sex and drugs without prohibition. I saw an opportunity to improve their branding so it was more appealing for the target audience. I rebranded Safe 'n Sound by creating a brand book that included new brand assets, refreshed messaging, animations and photography.

I also redesigned their campaign, transforming the former 'Rave Save' into the #PartySmarter campaign with five posters featuring 3D models and thought-provoking quotes.

Through this project, I aimed to make Safe 'n Sound visually appealing and relatable to their audience. The new visual identity and engaging campaign materials amplified their message and promoted responsible party culture.
A 3D render of a balloon dog made out of condom material filled with birth control pills 
A prototype of a poster which says 'Drugs combined results undefined'. On the poster there is a 3D render of a baggy filled with different types of drugs
A prototype of a poster which says 'Safe sex no regrets'. On the poster there are 2 balloondogs made out of condom material and filled with birth control pills kissing eachotherA 3D render of a pack of cigarettes which leads to the next project about Safe 'n Sound