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Value Square

3D Motion


During my internship at Hunt, I was tasked with creating 3D motion graphics for Value Square, an asset management company. The brand's visual identity had already been established by Hunt, but I identified an opportunity to enhance the logo by transforming it into a coin, aligning with the company's focus on asset management.

My goal was to render the coin as realistically as possible, paying attention to intricate details like ridges and scratches. Achieving a lifelike appearance required a deep dive into understanding realistic lighting. I proactively sought out tutorials and gathered additional knowledge to overcome the challenges I encountered during the process.

I developed two main scenes: one featuring a captivating animation of multiple coins being flipped, a creative input from my colleague to enhance engagement. The other showcased a spinning coin, adding dynamic movement to the graphics. These animations were not only engaging but also aligned seamlessly with the brand's essence and purpose..
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