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Value Creation

Event Assets


This is a project I'm very proud of. During my internship at Hunt, I had the opportunity to contribute to the Value Creation Awards, an annual event hosted by Value Square, an asset management company. My role involved transforming the existing assets, specifically the extruded logo with dispersion, which had been initially designed by a colleague. I was tasked with creating abstract visuals of the logo with dispersion using Blender.

Throughout this project, I conducted extensive experimentation with various materials and lighting setups to achieve the desired result. It was a great learning experience, allowing me to enhance my skills and creativity in using Blender effectively.

Furthermore, I had the privilege of working on the assets for print purposes and developing a captivating case for Hunt. In choosing materials for the print assets, I opted for a holographic material, establishing a direct visual link between the print and digital elements. Some of these assets were even showcased at the event, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to this significant accomplishment.
Logo of Thabea
A prototype of a lanyard with ID holder with the design I created for the Value Creation Award visitors
A prototype of the program book for the Value Creation Awards visitors
A prototype of a sign I created for the Value Creation Awards